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Server Freebees:

 Lots of loot, you just got to find it, or fight for it.

Liberation Conquer Victory Conditions:

A) Capture the Skynets on the 12 Human Homeworlds, and destroy the Drone Base and buildings below and beyond to liberate the worlds from Legacy, Zirax, Cylon, Clones, Kriel, and Aliens!


You can simply donate for the server or you can go to our online showroom and order an item to use in game. 

    Click HERE to Donate to the Server run by Barnstormer Communications

  Skynet fortress overlooks the Giza Pyramids below.  Take the fortresses and take the Galactic Iron Throne for yourself!!!

    Human Homeworld....many Zirax, Talon, and Polaris POIs.  Will you be friends to some, to all or none of the above?

   Click to view The Cauldron Training Guide