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Server Freebees:

Daily Freebees:  Combat CVs, SVs, and HVs are located at 3 ADMIN POMCUS Sites on Select Planets! Find Them!

They replenish randomly.  Return often! Free Stuff - Think Big Rad in Rust   

Earned Freebees:

A) Free Fully Loaded Combat Worthy SVs and HVs for factions active on server each week. Subject to server discretion.  The amount goes up if war rages between active factions!

B) Resources for active factions. Subject to server discretion

C) Free combat worthy CV to active factions.  Subject to server discretion

D) General Giveaways and Treasure Fleet Events to get some combat action going.  (Server reimburses for craft and ammo used so join in and test that new machine you created!)

Objectives/PVE Victory Conditions:

A) Capture the Skynet on your Origin's Homeworld
B) Capture the Skynets on Orion and collect 62 stacks of Gold Ore (Orion has massive gold under Skynet).
C) Dominate at least one other Origin's Homeworld (Take their Skynet)


A) 100 million gold credits for a portal to anywhere or $20.00 USD (includes 2 portals).

B) A portal can be purchased to support the server with a donation of $40.00 USD. (Good for 2 portal units)

C) 1 million gold credits for 10 stacks of combat steel. Donations of $20.00 USD for 20 stacks of combat steel and 100 MREs.

D) 1 million gold credits for 500 fiber or $10.00 USD

E) 1 million gold credits for 10 stacks of Cement or $10.00 USD.

F) 1 million gold credits for 10 stacks of Pentaxid or $10.00 USD.

G) 10 T3 autominer = 1 million gold credits to Baron Von Beedy or $10.00 USD to the server

To make a purchase in support of the server please go to the contact screen and hit the "Group Pay" donate button. All donations go directly to the server in a group server pay function.

How to Get Gold: 

A) Gold ore is on Orion

B) Capture and core the AI controlled Skynets. 100,00 Gold credits plus a combat CV as a reward!

C) Zirax Gold Shipment - to be announced in game and instant prize for the faction or player who shoots down the Zirax Alien Treasure Fleet! Or gets it to strike its colors.

D) Vessels and Warehouses placed randomly in galaxy.

Free SV flys towards a POMCUS site with a Free Battlecruiser docked on it.  Look inside for battle tanks and hardware!

Free CVs: Cylon Basestar, Human Battlecruiser and Space Carrier!!

  Skynet fortress overlooks the Giza Pyramids below.  Take the fortresses and take the Galactic Iron Throne for yourself!!!

    Human Homeworld....many Zirax, Talon, and Polaris POIs.  Will you be friends to some, to all or none of the above?

   Click to view The Cauldron Training Guide